Advertising with The Homesteader – The Publication for New & Established Homeowners


The Homesteader is a great place to advertise your business if you want to target NEW HOMEOWNERS!

The Homesteader reaches 5,000 – 10,000 new and established homeowners in a target area. We give the new homeowner a free subscription to our paper and fill it with interesting, important, and entertaining information that is geared to newcomers. Papers are then distributed in the community so readers can pick it up locally after their free subscription expires. We are in most major supermarkets, libraries, and other retail stores.

New homeowners love to receive The Homesteader! We hear from happy readers every day! We give them information on their local community, tips for settling in, home improvement and decorating ideas, restaurant reviews, and an online Community Calendar. And as they settle in, they are looking for local goods and services because they have to establish new buying patterns and they aren’t familiar with most local merchants.

This means the new homeowner does not have a favorite hardware store, dentist, restaurant, gift shop, or any of the goods or services they will need over the next several years. Their high income, excellent credit, and so many needs after their transition (from home-related things to kids stuff and pets) makes them an ideal target market, and one which all local businesses can benefit from reaching.

How does The Homesteader reach this market effectively? The answer is through repetition and good editorial. By giving out free subscriptions, we reach virtually every new homeowner household in an area. Our advertising rates are the best part: only pennies per household! We offer an efficient, cost-effective method of helping businesses target one of their best markets: new homeowners. And with about 50% of the paper used for editorial, we give something of value to the new homeowner….something they will read and enjoy all month!

For a sample copy of The Homesteader, or for advertising rates, demographics, or other materials, call Amanda Scribner at (978) 461-0028 x4, or email Amanda at

If you are ready to place your advertising order and don’t need further information, just follow the links on this website to do so. All ads run once per month and rates are based on 12 insertions, which is the minimum number of ads we recommend to see if The Homesteader can bring new customers in your door!