The Homesteader vs. Other New Homeowner Services

Why Advertise in The Homesteader versus Other New Homeowner Services?

The Homesteader offers some important advantages over other services that reach new homeowners:

  1. Speed. We get the names of new homeowners from local sources and are often 4-6 weeks faster in the home than competing services.
  2. Repetition. Our readers get a free subscription to our publication and are thus exposed to your ad each month for about 18 months. That’s 18 contacts compared to other services that go once or twice.
  3. Low Cost-Per-Contact. Your ad will be direct-mailed to thousands of new homeowners each month. Depending on the size of your ad, the “cost-per-contact” of our service will range from a couple of cents to about twenty cents. Compare our cost-per-contact with any other “new homeowner” service!
  4. Editorial. Our publication is not just made up of advertising. We take pride in a variety of interesting and informative articles geared to help new homeowners “settle in.” For example, we have articles on home improvement, decorating, museums, movies, restaurant reviews, and community calendars.
  5. Flexibility. You have a variety of ad sizes and options, like four-color, spot color, and placement with related editorial. Your marketing plan will be designed for your budget and your goals. We have some exciting services like inserts and coupons which can be targeted the first month someone gets our paper. These “First Contact” services are a great complement to your display ad and are very affordable for our advertisers.
  6. Controlled Circulation. We are only mailed to new homeowners, not to renters. Some other services try to reach all “newcomers” and, at a high cost-per-contact, you are paying a lot to reach people who don’t have the income, length of stay, or needs that new homeowners have. This helps some other services boost local numbers by asking the public to request their information and then charging their advertisers for everyone they send it to, even if these people are not home-buyers. Our prices are based on 5,000+ monthly circulation and we do not raise them once you are in an advertising agreement with us.
  7. Contests. Each issue of The Homesteader is scrutinized by our readers to find our hidden “fake ad.” Besides reading the ads, entries must select two advertisers for their $50 gift certificate. They have to read the ads again! The Homesteader awards one reader per edition the $50 prize, paid for by us.
  8. Reader Referrals and Fake Ad Entries. We give feedback to our advertisers who are mentioned by readers in the Fake Ad contest. Some advertisers get 5-10 responses per month in the contest alone! In addition, any readers who ask for a business referral are sent to our advertisers first. Some advertisers are getting one or two referrals a month in this new program. Readers can ask for referrals by mailing in a printed form or on our website.
  9. Wide Circulation. Each edition of The Homesteader covers 10-15 towns, so your business gets wider exposure at a lower price than other services. One ad in our publication will be sent to 5,000 or more new homeowners in your town and surrounding towns. With other services, you can pay the same price and just reach the 50-100 people who move into your town that month alone. That makes us up to 100x more efficient than competing services!
  10. Bonus Circulation. Because of our format, we also bonus additional circulation that other new homeowner services cannot. We often distribute our publication at day care centers, supermarketers, libraries, real estate offices, etc. On top of that, we attend events like home shows on an annual or semi-annual basis for additional visibility for our advertisers.