Why Children’s Services?

Why is The Homesteader a great match for Children’s Services?

Many people buy homes because they are starting or expanding a family. It is natural to want a long-term investment, especially if you have kids. So when you advertise in The Homesteader, you tend to reach a younger audience (30-40) with kids. This means that advertisers with family-oriented services and activities often do very well.

Our average family size across our readership is 3.0, based on Chicago Title & Trust’s annual survey of new home buyers in the Boston area (but these numbers are similar nationwide.)

When someone moves, they establish new buying patterns in their new location. New homeowners with kids will need clothing, shoes, sporting equipment, party supplies, toys, music and sports lessons, pets and pet supplies, children’s entertainment, schools and daycare, tutoring services, and much more. And what better audience to reach than one that needs the service and doesn’t know where to go to find it?

Our philosophy is to get your business’s name in front of new homeowners repeatedly, so they are familiar with it. Then, when they decide they need the good or service, they are familiar with your company and you can get a call and a new customer.

Once you build that relationship, it is important to understand the value of repeat business. New homeowners stay in their home an average of nine years (it is only two years for renters). So that relationship is going to earn you nine years of repeat business and referrals from friends as they settle in.