Why Contractors?

Why is The Homesteader a great match for Contractors?

Contractors are a natural fit with The Homesteader. Since all of our readers are homeowners, they are all potential customers. And since renters do not generally hire contractors to do work, you want your ad to be seen by the decision-makers.

The second factor is disposable income. Qualifying for a mortgage is often the hardest financial hurdle that someone faces. All of our readers have jumped this hurdle! And people who have high income and excellent credit will often spend much more than average on entertainment products and services.

Finally, new homeowners have no set shopping patterns. They don’t know where the nearest bowling alley is, where the fitness club is, where the movie theatre is, etc. If you build awareness of your company and its services, you greatly increase the chance of getting a new customer. And once that shopping pattern is established, you can often look forward to many years of repeat business.