Why Entertainment?

Why is The Homesteader a great match for Entertainment?

New homeowner demographics are perfect for entertainment. First, many people buy homes because they are starting or expanding a family. It is natural to want a long-term investment, especially if you have kids. So when you advertise in The Homesteader, you tend to reach a younger audience (30-40) with kids. This means that advertisers with family-oriented activities often do very well.

Buying a home is an investment, and no one knows this better than new homeowners. Research has shown that most new homeowners spend more in their first year on home repairs and improvements than they do in their next five years!

Using The Homesteader to get new clients is a great method, but don’t discount the value of referrals and repeat business. New homeowners are not familiar with any local service-providers when they first move in, and they don’t know their neighbors to ask for a referral. So by targeting them quickly and effectively, you can earn a new customer. The key, then, is how long they stay with you. For a new homeowner, you are building a relationship that will last, on average, over nine years!

Think of the amount of repeat business and referrals a loyal customer can provide and you can begin to appreciate the value of having a new homeowner as a new customer!