Why Restaurants?

Why is The Homesteader a great match for Restaurants?

The Homesteader offers some important advantages over other services that reach new homeowners:

The Homesteader is a great match for restaurants because new homeowners eat out a lot! By introducing them to your business when they first move in, you have a good chance of earning a “regular” customer who will come back again and again.

New homeowners stay in their home an average of about 10 years, so developing a lasting relationship is your goal. You want them to come in to try your restaurant before they’ve settled in and established their shopping patterns with your competitors.

We give you a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression!

You should consider offering something to our readers to entice them in using our First Contact service. You can send a flyer, take-out menu, or even a discount coupon to all new homeowners in the area. In conjunction with your ad, this is an effective and inexpensive way of generating brand new business (rather than using coupons in traditional media which generate traffic but few new long-term customers.)

Targeting new homeowners is a great investment for a restaurant because of the long-term value of a new customer. If a new homeowner family eats out once a month, and the average check is $50, you are looking at AN AVERAGE of over $6,000 in business over the life of the customer. Compare that to someone who dines once with a coupon in which you probably lose money.

And if the diner comes in once a week, that’s about $25,000 in sales! And this doesn’t include any referral business you might get from this new customer over 10 years.

So if you spend $600 per month to do a visible ad in The Homesteader and a First Contact flyer, you could earn a whole year’s worth of advertising with just one new customer a year!

If you decide to place a coupon on our First Contact Coupon page, remember to make the offer enticing. First Contact Coupons only go to the new homeowner during that first month (when many first impressions are made) so you don’t have to worry about flooding the market with an over-generous coupon. But if you can give away a free meal and that brings business in to give your restaurant a try, those new customers are much more likely to be repeat customers down the road. So go that extra step and make it an attractive offer!