Find The Homesteader – Minuteman

Acton Bowladrome Box, 257 Main St.
Acton House of Pizza, 494 Main St.
Acton Medical, 321 Main St.
Acton Memorial Library, 486 Main St.
Acton Real Estate, 371 Mass. Ave.
Bank of America ATM, Route 2A, Great Rd.
Bank of America ATM, Route 111, Mass. Ave.
Discovery Museum (Children and Science), 177 Main St.
Donelan’s Supermarket, 248 Great Rd.
Dunkin Donuts, 100 Powerdermill Rd. (Powdermill Plaza)
Gulf/Main St. Express, 289 Main St.
Julie’s Place Box, 210 Main St.
K-Mart, 252 Main St.
Middlesex Bank, Mass Ave., West Acton
Middlesex Bank, 291 Main St.
New London Pizza, 555 Mass. Ave.
Post Office Box, 7 Post Office Square
Ralph Jordan’s, 254 Great Rd.
Roche Bros. Supermarket, 387 Massachusetts Ave.
South Acton Train Station, Central St.
Stop ‘n Shop, 100 Powerdermill Rd.
Subway, 134 Great Rd.
Tailgator’s Grill, 166 Great Rd.
Teamworks, 30 Great Rd.
Video Signals, 485 Great Rd.
West Acton Post Office, 241 Arlington St.
Worker’s Credit Union, 452 Great Rd., Acton

Library, 26 East Main St.
MBTA, 70 Main St.
Medicine Shop, 48 Main St.
Mobil Mart Gas, 70 Main St.
Nashoba Restaurant, 12 Central St.
Pauline’s Variety, 29 East Main St.
Post Office, 1 Columbia St.
Verona’s Pizza, 18 Park St.
Woo Ri Market, 1 Mill St.

Berlin Public Library, 23 Carter St.
Lowe’s Variety, 19 Central St.

Bravo Pizza, 1233 Massachusetts Ave.
Holiday Inn, 1 Adams Place
Sargent Memorial Library, 427 Massachusetts Ave.

Boylston Deli, 702 Main St.
Boylston Public Library, 695 Main St.

Asian Market, 11 Summer St.
Brickhouse Pizza, 67 Middlesex Rd.
Brother’s Pizza, 11 Summer St.
Chelmsford Public Library, 25 Boston Rd.
China Mountain Restaurant, 39 Tyngsboro Rd.
Colonial Village Laundry, 40 Chelmsford St.
Drum Hill Pizza, 83 Parkhurst St.
EM Drycleaners, 40 Chelmsford St.
Fresh Chow Restaurant, 14 Chelmsford Ave.
Gulf, 7 Acton Rd.
Hannaford’s, 66 Drum Hill Rd.
Harrington Wine, 10 Summer St.
Liquor Store, 12 Summer St.
Market Basket, 288 Chelmsford St.
Sal’s Pizza, 296 Chelmsford St.
Sam’s Liquor, 124 Tyngsboro St.
Stop & Shop, 299 Chelmsford St.
Street Box, 450 Chelmsford St.
Timbo Chinese Restaurant, 83 Parkhurst St.
Wah Sang Restaurant, 450 Chelmsford St.

Concord Free Library, 129 Main St.
MBTA Station, Concord Center, 90 Thoreau St.
MBTA Station, 1201 Main St., West Concord
New London Pizza, 71 Thoreau St.
West Concord Supermarket, 24 Commonwealth Ave.

Hannaford’s, 301 Pleasant St.

Harvard Public Library, 4 Pond Rd.
Sorrento’s Pizzeria, 1 Still River Rd.

Brother’s Pizza, 275 Cox St.
Busceni’s Convenience, 273 Cox St.
CJ’s Pizza, 217A Washington St.
Convenient Wash & Dry, 217 Washington St.
Food Market, 15 Central St.
Hannaford’s 213 Washington St.
Hudson Pizza, 123 Main St.
Hudson Public Library, 3 Washington St.
Peking Garden, 159 Main St.
Silva’s Bakery, 144 Main St.
Star Ocean Chinese Restaurant, 200 Washington St.
Stop & Shop, 10 Technology Dr.

Bank of America ATM, 145 Lincoln Rd.
Country Pizza, 161 Lincoln Rd.
Donelan’s Market, 151 Lincoln Rd.
Lincoln Public Library, 3 Bedford Rd.
MBTA Station, 160 Lincoln Rd.

Common Convenience, 56 Russell St.
Donelan’s Supermarket, 236 Great Rd.
The Learning Experience, 206 Great Rd.
Littleton House of Pizza, 488 King St.
MBTA Station, Foster St.
Nashoba Liquor Store, 236 Great Rd.
New Oriental Market, 476 King St.
Noah’s Ark, 320 Great Rd.
Post Office, 45 King St.
Reuben Hoar Library, 41 Shattuck St.
Tedeschi Food Shops, 12 Jennifer St.

Beef Grill, 416 Boston Post Rd. E
Big Apple Deli, 331 Boston Post Rd.
Brazil Bakery, 44 Main St.
Brazilileirinho Market, 280 Main St.
Chapa Quente, 201 Main St.
China Garden, 547 Boston Post Rd. E
City Hall, 140 Main St.
Circle M Gas, 424 Lincoln St.
Classic Pizza II, 92 Broad St.
Clockwork Pizza, 19 Maple St.
Convenience Food Mart, 282 East Main St.
Corey Building, 186 Main St.
Dry Clean Star, 42 Boston Post Rd. E
Dunkin Donuts, 340 Maple St. (Route 85)
EZ Mart Convenience, 329 Maple St.
Family House of Pizza, 329 Maple St.
Fastway Pizza, 505 Boston Post Rd. W
Flaming Wok, 92 Broad St.
Guatamala Market, 518 Lincoln St.
Hannaford’s 193 Boston Post Rd W.
Honey Dew Donuts, 485 Boston Post Rd. (Route 20)
Honey Farms, 168 Pleasant St.
Jake’s Restaurant, 30 Main St.
Lake Williams Pizza, 270 W. Main St.
Laundry World, 282 East Main St.
The Lazy Dog, 43 Main St.
Linguini’s Italian Eatery, 350 Boston Post Rd. W
Lopez Express, 499 Lincoln St.
Made in Brasil, 134 Main St.
Marlboro Brazilian Market, 192 Main St.
Marlboro House of Pizza, 280 Main St.
Marlborough Public Library, 35 West Main St.
The Medicine Shop, 164 Pleasant St.
Mobil Mart, 286 West Main St.
Monti’s Mini Market, 1 Framingham Rd.
Mueng Restaurant, 231 Main St.
Newbury Comics, 601 Donald Lynch Blvd. (Solomon Pond Mall)
Panda House Chinese Restaurant, 46 Main St.
Pantry Convenience, 21 Boston Post Road East
Pao Brasil Bakery, 573 Boston Post Rd.
Pizzanini Pizza, 132 Main St.
Plaza Liquors, 222 East Main St.
Pleasant Pizza, 168 Pleasant St.
Price Chopper 222 E Main St.
Pruller Restaurant, 514 Lincoln St.
Puritan Cleaners, 222 E. Main St.
Ra Pha Convenience, 181 Boston Post Rd. East
Sal’s Pizza, 222 East Main St.
Scoop Ice Cream, 505 Boston Post Rd W
7-Eleven, 92 Broad St.
Sovereign Bank, 181 Main St.
Sun Cleaners, 168 Pleasant St.
Sunnyside Café, 42 Boston Post Rd E.
TJ’s Cleaners, 329 Maple St.
Techsell, 282 Main St.
Tedeschi Food Shops, 85 Chestnut St.
Thrifty Nifty Cleaners, 554 Boston Post Rd.
Town Cleaners, 90 Broad St.
Tyno’s Pizza, 27 Boston Post Rd. East
Westside Liquors, 505 Boston Post Rd W
Yummy Kitchen, 42 Boston Post Rd. E

Babico’s, 35 Nason St.
Brazil Popular, 77 Main St.
Bud’s Mini Mart, 200 Main St.
Citizen’s Bank, 47 Nason St.
Maynard Pizza, 149 Main St.
Maynard Public Library, 77 Nason St.
Maynard Village Pizza, 86 Powder Mill Rd.
Middlesex Bank, 57 Nason St.
Neighborhood Brick Oven Pizza, 74 Main St.
Pizza Experts, 62 Main St.
Russell’s Convenience, 189 Main St.
Street Box, 10 Powdermill Cir. (Route 62)
Street Box, 6 Waltham St.
Tedeschi Food Shops, 3 Waltham St.

Athens Pizza, 292 Main St.
Bambini’s Pizza, 345 Main St.
Bank of America ATM, 253 West Main St.
Freshway Pizza, 14 East Main St.
Great Wall Restaurant, 259 West Main St.
Honey Dip Donuts, 308 Main St.
Likma Market, 299 W. Main St.
Mandarin Pan, 292 Main St.
Monti’s Pizza, 369 West Main St.
Nickey D’s Donuts, 253 West Main St.
Northborough Free Library, 34 Main St.
Northborough Cleaners, 249 West Main St.
Tilz Restaurant, 255 W. Main St.
Times Square Liquors, 293 W. Main St.
Vina’s Pizza, 308 Main St.

Austin Liquors, 20 Boston Tpk.
Chum Lee’s, 50 Boston Tpk.
Dean Park Pizza, 745 Main St.
Fred’s Chinese Restaurant, 320 Maple Ave.
Gallo Video, 256 Boston Tpk.
Honey Farms, 20 Boston Tpk.
Price Chopper 380 Maple Ave
Shaw’s, 50 Boston Tpk.
Shrewsbury Health & Racquet, 3 Tennis Drive
Shrewsbury Library, 609 Main St.
Shrewsbury Pizza, 560 Main St.
Spags/Building 19, 193 Boston Tpk.
Stop & Shop, 539 Boston Tpk.
Village Pizza, 16 Maple Ave.

Fitness Center, 117 Great Rd.
Nancy’s Airfield Café, 302 Boxboro Rd.
Shaw’s, 115 Great Rd.
Bank of America ATM, 118 Great Rd.

Antonio’s Pizza, 313 Littleton Rd.
Di Napoli Pizza, 439 Littleton Rd.
JV Fletcher Library, 50 Main St.
Gulf Gas Station, 179 Littleton Rd.
Kimball’s Ice Cream, 400 Littleton Rd.
Littleton Rd. Liquors, 439 Littleton Rd.
Market Basket, 6A Cornerstone Square
Market Basket, 160 Littleton Rd.
McDonald’s, 151 Littleton Rd.
Nashoba Pizza, 66 Littleton Rd.
Nashoba Pizza, 67 Tadmuck Rd.
Paul’s Diner, 6 Carlisle Pl.
Pizza Express, 175 Littleton Rd.
Sandrino’s Pizza, 175 Littleton Rd.